Fail to move forward constantly and you’re destined to fall behind. This has always been the core of the THOMS philosophy.

Our company was founded in 1893 and was acquired by the perfume enterprise Düllberg roughly 50 years later. From the beginning of the 1970s, our business started picking up speed, expanding and becoming more autonomous. Our future managing director, Hans Lüders – a man with extensive experience of the fruit business and an incredible global network – gave the company a completely new focus: from then on, fruit was at the core of our business.

„The first change to our business in 1975 was to develop from being a small agency into an importer, trading on our own account. This little nobody in the fruit business soon took on shape, awakened from its slumber and rapidly gained customers and suppliers.“

Hans Lüders, former managing director of THOMS


This was the start of THOMS’ success story. Our import business grew, our agency sales flourished, and we started representing producers in South Africa, the USA, Swaziland and European countries, and became the agent for one of the largest producers of lemon juice concentrate in Argentina. In 1999, Hans Lüders and Dörte Bettenworth were appointed managing directors. In August 2003, Hans Lüders retired, leaving the business in the competent hands of Dörte Bettenworth and Manfred Düllberg – both of whom are committed to ensuring the company continues to flourish and produce fruit.